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Brunei LNG Cargo Pipe Project
Brunei LNG Cargo Pipe Project

Brunei LNG Cargo Pipe Project

Project description
Country: Korea 
Client: DSME 
Temperature Service: -164°C 

2 LNG tankers; Hull No 2273 and 2277  147 000 m³. Insulated with K-FLEX ST protected with K-FLEX IN CLAD beige (reinforced). The insulation covered: Cargo vapor dome N2 feeding / exhausting pipe in the trunk Cargo vapor / liquid pipes in liquid dome Filing pipe Main discharge pipe Stripping discharge / return pipe Emergency pump well Float level gauge pipe Vapor comes and the under part of liquid domes Main vaporizer, forcing vaporizer , etc. and demister in cargo compressor room We are responsible for the complete insulation; engineering, special pipe supports and a complete package of insulation materials of K-FLEX, Glue K-420, K-Mastic 55 and accessories.

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